F45 Fitness Review + staying active during self-quarantine

I hope everyone is well and staying active during this unprecedented time with COVID-19. Since self-quarantine has been in place, I’ve been doing my workouts at home with the help of F45 so I thought I’d share a quick fitness update and a short review.

Back in October of 2018, when I was looking for a boot camp to get my fitness level back up to my high school days, a friend of mine introduced me to F45. F45 is a high intensity style boot camp and they had just opened a Markham location so I decided to go for the 2 week trial. After a few classes, I decided to sign up.

F45 was exactly what I was looking for. In a week, their schedule is broken down into a multiple sessions with different classes throughout the day starting from 5am to 7pm. Classes consists of strength days, cardio days or a hybrid. Classes are circuit based and there’s typically around 27 circuits where you would spend an average of 40 seconds on each with minimal rest. F45 Markham is very organized and their trainers are highly engaging – they work closely with you like personal trainers to help with your posture and really motivates you to meet your fitness goals. One of the coolest feature of F45 is their live DJ that they bring in for their Saturday classes to get the crowd going. This class lasts for an hour whereas typical classes are for 45 mins.

I started seeing results within a few weeks, I felt more energized and unexpectedly also became a morning person to attend their morning workouts. My results also elevated when I participated in their 8 week challenge (maybe I’ll go more in detail in a later post).

So while we’re still in self-quarantine mode, I do highly recommend F45 Training (I go to the Markham location) to anyone looking for a high intensity boot camp. The F45 team got innovative and currently offering video classed for its members. Though the price may make you reluctant at first, I think you get great value. You can always sign up for the free trial to see if it’s the right fit for you. I bet you can see results in the first week if you’re committed.

With all that said, there’s been a F45 Challenge going around on Instagram that I just finished – are you up for the challenge?

– 300 jumping jacks
– 200 squats (killer!!)
– 100 shoot throughs
– 75 sit ups
– 50 push ups
– 25 burpees

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