Chill League: Season 1

Thank you to the Team Captains and Team Members of the inaugural Spikethru’s Chill League on Saturday nights!

  1. Lewis Yee – Balls Deep (Tier 1 CHAMPIONS!)
  2. Angelina H – BADaSS Kicks (Tier 1 2nd)
  3. Freeman Kam – Hit it and Quit it 2.0 (Tier 1 3rd)
  4. Henley L – We always get it up (Tier 2 1st)
  5. Carl Chen – Donut Lose (Tier 2 2nd)
  6. Ying Su – Mikasa (Tier 2 3rd)

At this time, Chill League Season 2 is on hold, but we hope to secure a new time soon! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest news!

It was chill until I injured my knee lol – another thank you to all those who stayed with me and reached out, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I’ll get to participate in Season 10!

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