Rules of Conduct

  • Please be respectful of your fellow players by keeping your tone positive and comments constructive. Respect organizers who take the time to post, set-up and manage this drop in.
  • Please think before you speak as not everyone plays at the same level and everyone is there to have a good time.
  • No drama, we are looking for positive people who enjoy the game and are out to have fun playing volleyball.
  • Participants to remain in the gym during game times. Please do not wander around the school hallways.
  • Entrance to the gymnasium will be opened 15 minutes before the schedule for anyone that wants to change or warm up beforehand.
  • Use main entrance is facing Strathearn Ave for entry to and exit from school.
  • No alcohol consumption inside the school or on the school property at any time.
  • During winter time, please leave wet shoes outside the gym before entering.

NOTE: Participants attending this event agree that SpikeThru and the organizers of SpikeThru are not responsible for any injuries, and you yourself is responsible for your own safety. SpikeThru is also not responsible for any of your personal belongings/property.