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Monday night volleyball back again: Event posting & Drop-in start date

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Hey SpikeThru-ers,

School’s about to start but that’s good news for us because SpikeThru’s Monday night volleyball will be up and running again from mid-September until mid-June.

There will be a few minor changes as follows:

  • Price will be increased to $3.00 due to an increase in the school permit fee.
  • Due to the amount of interest in attending and crazy sign ups at 11pm, 12 spots can now be reserved for half the year or for the full year with an advanced payment (message me for more details). This means you no longer have to sign up at 11pm on Monday nights. The spot will be there for you every Monday but we’ll still require you to let us know ahead of time if you can make it or not.

Format will stay the same 4 teams of 6 and games up until 15 points.

The first event will be posted on Monday September 12th and the first event will take place Monday September 19th at 8:15pm so be sure to mark your calendars!


Interested in summer volleyball events? Like this post for a show of interest please.

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It’s 11:00pm and it feels weird not to routinely post a SpikeThru event!

As many of you know, tonight was the last SpikeThru volleyball drop-in as the school term ends but not to worry, we’ll resume again in September 2016!

SpikeThru would not have been so successful without your support so many thank yous to everyone who has participated or spread the word – I hope everyone had a great time every Monday night.

Not wanting the fun to end, I want to organize a few beach volleyball events or find other indoor courts we can play at in the interim. To keep things simple, please like the Facebook post or this blog post so I can gauge interest.

Again, thank you all for the awesome year and hope to see everyone sooner than September! 🙂

Thank you – September 28th

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Thank you to everyone who showed up today, the format definitely worked out a lot better. I noticed the games were pretty close so next week we’ll try for up to 15 points and maintain the same format.

Please remember, we reserve spots based on your attendance status on our events page so please be respectful of others and update your attendance status. There were a few people this week who had to be turned away even though we actually had a few spots available.

Just like this week, I will be posting the attendance and forming teams by Monday morning (or earlier if the event becomes full).

Always check back on our Facebook page or website for the latest details.

Thanks again!

Thank you for being a part of our first drop-in!

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Just want to send a quick note to thank everyone who participated in our first drop in and for your patience as we figure out the best way to utilize the court.

After playing tonight and with some great feedback, next week we will try a new format and a more competitive level of play:

  • We will experiment running one full court and have 24 players cap with 4 subs (1 per team)
  • Instead of 15 minute rotations we will do up to 21 points – winner stays on for a maximum of 2 games

Again, space will be on first come first serve basis managed through our Facebook event page and our website. Once the event is full (28 players) we will post the attendance list and any additional sign ups will be put on the wait list. Thank you to those who updated their attendance status on Facebook this week to allow others to participate – we continue to encourage you to keep us informed through Facebook.

Thanks for a successful start and we look forward to seeing everyone again next week!

Very first volleyball drop-in!

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SpikeThru is hosting our very first volleyball drop-in!

This is a unique opportunity to be a part of something new and space is filling up fast. Come join us on Monday September 21st, 2015 at Bayview Hill Public School (81 Strathearn Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 2J5), games start at 8:30pm – 10:30pm. We have 3 courts to maximize so beginners to advanced players are all welcomed.

Be prepared to play hard! This is a great opportunity for those who live in the Markham/Richmond Hill area to work out and play volleyball.

Come and enjoy games, skill development and network with like-minded players!

Space is limited so email for more information or sign up here to reserve your spot today.